One day with our commissioning engineers during the commissioning of the RGM-G

Worms - Germany


After a smooth transition of the electrical production to the commissioning department, the commissioning technicians could start their work on the tire uniformity measuring machine, type RGM-G. Commissioning of the system is scheduled for 6 weeks.

Our technician gave us a shoulder view and reported which work could already be done in the past days. He has already created all participants in Profinet, i.e. IP addresses and Profinet names have been allocated. Furthermore, the hardware was configured and switched on. Afterwards it is checked whether all devices are present. In addition, the necessary memory cards and documents for commissioning have been procured in the documentation department and the drives and PLC programs have already been loaded.

During the next days, the movements of the plant in manual mode will be tested. If this test is successful and everything works, they will also be tested in automatic mode. Furthermore, the drives will be optimized so that the manual functions can be operated first and then the functions in the automatic sequence.

If all functions and sequences fit together, an internal acceptance test with Ghostrun is carried out before the customer is invited to the preliminary acceptance test of the RGM-G. Ghostrun is a test run of the machine. All machine processes are simulated and this serves to further check and optimize the system.

Parallel to this, the necessary protocols and checklists are filled out and the quality tests are carried out. Finally, all programs and parameters are saved before the machine leaves the factory.

At the end of our day, which gave us many interesting impressions, our commissioning technician was asked what makes the RGM-G a special machine. He told us that for him, the RGM-G is to be seen as a new development, which is why the commissioning is also demanding. The dimensions of the RGM-G also make it an exciting project, because a machine that can measure tires weighing up to 150 kg is a special machine par excellence.

This was a great conclusion at the end of our series "One day with our..." and a fascinating insight into the work of our commissioning engineers at Hofmann. We would like to thank our colleagues for the shoulder view and hope that we were able to give all readers an exciting look behind the scenes at Hofmann.


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Our commissioning engineer during the commissioning of the RGM-G