Non-rotating Balancing Machines
Our static wheel balancer

Our non-rotating balancing machines, type AWW stand for a simple and fast measurement of static balance and unbalance. The balancer series AWW is designed for rotors with a weight of 0.1 kg to 1,100 kg. Loading and unloading tools for large, heavy workpieces can be integrated.


By measuring stationary, run-up and braking times are avoided, protection devices and drive costs are saved and a simple and therefore a low-cost centring device is sufficient.


Functional principle of the non-rotating balancing machines


The workpiece is loaded on a scales/plate, supported by cardan bearings and a centring device. The imbalance of the workpiece deflects the plate. The direction of deflection is detected by non-contact sensors. The deflection is reset with two 90° offset electro-magnets by two independent, digital control circuits.


This is the advantage of this measuring system over tilting scales for example. Measuring errors due to tilting of the workpiece and thus shifting of the total mass can be eliminated.


The non-rotating balancing machines for measuring static balance and unbalance are available in the following versions:

Maschine type  AWW-12AWW-14AWW-16
Permissible counterbalancing weight (incl. centering device)kg 8 15 40
Diameter adjustment range (test piece diameter unlimited)mm-> 500 -> 1.000-> 1.000
max. Output unbalancegmm8 x 10³15 x 10³60 x 10³
minimum achievable residual unbalance   gmm< 20< 25< 50
connected valuekW~ 0,8~ 0,8~ 0,8
Measuring time  (depending on the moment of inertia of the body)  sek5 - 75 - 76 - 9
Display range kg    0 - 0,9990 - 0,9990 - 0,999
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