Tire Bead Compression Machine WKM-Evo Description
Quickly check tire bead characteristics

The stretching force of the tire bead, depending on the diameter, is of particular importance in the assembly and practical use of a wheel. The new generation of the tire bead compression machine, type WKM-Evo, checks quickly and efficiently whether the bead parameters are within admissible limits.


Measuring rim segments

A different set of rim segments must be used for each bead nominal diameter. Each set consists of eight rim segments. A calibration ring is provided for each diameter for setting the segments to the nominal diameter. The measuring rim segments are designed according to WDK-116.


Measuring stand

The holder of the tire bead compression machine exactly simulates a rim half. Eight radially movable rim segments are synchronously expanded outward by an electrically actuated traction cone up to the specified limit value.

The resulting contact pressure of the tire bead is meassured by eight force transducers fitted 45° apart. The curve of the bead pressing force is displayed dependent on the diameter on the multitouch panel. The rim segments are arranged in such a way that easy insertion and removal of the tire is ensured.


Our tire bead compression machine

We offer the following type of the tire bead compression machine WKM-Evo:

Predecessor model WKM:

An offer for rebuilds, maintenance, as well as spare parts still exists for the WKM Type A/B/C model. Please contact the person listed below for further information.

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