Sheet of Light Laser
Tire geometry system for non-contact radial runout detection

Our laser measuring system for tire geometry, type GEO-SLS delivers high precision and excellent measuring results due to the integrated Sheet of Light Laser sensors. Both axial andradial runout are measured without contact.


The geometry measurement is carried out by the fully automatically positioned Sheet of Light Laser sensors. They are arranged individually for each tire size to be inspected. The positions are automatically stored in the inspection plan.


Value detection

The following values can be determined with our laser measuring system:

- Radial runout (RR)

- Axial runout (AR)

- 1st - 10th harmonic RR (1st – 10th HRR)

- 1st - 10th harmonic AR (1st – 10th HAR)

- Tire side fluctuations

- Bulges

- Constrictions

- TDip

- Spot

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