Automatic Tire Inflation System
Inflating of tires

The automatic tire inflator from Hofmann is designed for inflating the tires with air. The precise tire inflating process can be carried out independently of the rim design and thus offers an optimal solution for the production requirements of our customers.

To accommodate a wide range of assemblies, up to six tire sealing rings of different sizes are available which can be selected individually depending on the rim geometry and the tire side wall.

With the wheel transported into the inflating station the wheel type is selected on the operating panel or transmitted via the data interface and the corresponding inflation program selected. Protection is provided to reduce the noise emission.

In addition to our standard tire inflation stations, we also offer an energy-optimised version of the system (type addition -EL).

The automatic tire inflation system are typically a part of automatic wheel assembly lines.

Our variants of the tire inflating station

We offer the automatic tire inflation system, type RFG-MU in the following variants:

Possible inch size range: 14“ – 24“

We offer the tire inflating stations, type RFG-R in the

following variants:

Possible inch size range:    14“ – 26“

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