Predictive Maintenance
The next generation for failure prediction

In the age of Industry 4.0, the regular inspections and maintenance of machines and equipment are being supplemented by another precautionary measure - the preventive and predictive Maintenance application.

This application complements the maintenance concept on one hand and extends it many times over. It thus represents the next generation in the context of digitalisation.


What is Preventive and predictive Maintenance?

Instead of only being able to react to a failure or malfunction, predictive maintenance enables you to detect possible defects before they occur. This failure prediction enables our customers to prevent system failures or even production downtimes.

To make this possible, machines, production plant and other operating equipment are fitted with additional sensors and existing machine parameters used. The machine-related data collected in this way, is evaluated using suitable statistical algorithms. Based on the results, precise statements can be made as to when and which component fails on a machine. The availability of such information can make a difference and greatly improve efficiency of the production process. Maintenance can be planned, reducing unnecessary stoppages and lost production.

What does it offer our customers?

Hofmann is working on suitable prediction models to provide our customers with all the information they need to ensure trouble-free operation. These models use the necessary machine parameters or machine state and indicate a recognized probability of failure. This information enables our customers to carry out intelligent maintenance and qualify risk.


Information such as running times, rotation speeds, temperatures and energy consumption provide conclusions about technical problems etc.. This knowledge is usable and helpful. Furthermore, historical data and information from a large number of identical and similar installations is used for evaluation. This allows simulation of the current and future functional readiness of the machines and systems. Thus, possible weak points can be identified and failure of components can be predicted. This early detection of patterns that indicate possible malfunctions or wear and tear, results in the early intervention of maintenance procedures or repairs to the affected components.

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