Hofmann AutoTeach® process
Intelligent automation for a smart factory

Hofmann is one of the first special machine manufacturers in the assembly and wheel sector to offer intelligent automation, which opens up completely new application possibilities for our customers:

The Hofmann AutoTeach® process.

The Hofmann AutoTeach® process is an automatic or semi-automatic, menu-driven procedure for teaching a new wheel type using self-learned parameters of a previously unknown wheel.


Data source

The data sources are various measuring systems in the machine or from upstream systems, as well as higher-level MES and ERP systems. Hofmann AutoTeach® processes provides the necessary parameters for the respective wheel type and the associated machine program through their complex calculation algorithms.



The aim of this development is to make it possible to teach-in new wheel types during the running production process, to considerably minimise the adjustment time and to significantly simplify the adjustment process.



The Hofmann AutoTeach® process offers customers enormous advantages and considerable benefits for their production equipment, such as minimising production downtimes and reducing production waste for a smart factory.


To get an impression of the functionality and innovation of our AutoTeach® process, we have created a short film for you.   

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The Hofmann AutoTeach® process

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The Hofmann AutoTeach® process

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