We are the original
The portrait of a successful special machine manufacturer

We are the original - Our roots go back to 1931, when Hofmann was founded as a balancing technology specialist in Darmstadt. Over the course of time, Hofmann has developed into a globally active and successful special machine manufacturer. With more than 85 years of experience, we are your partner for balancing technology, tire testing technology and wheel assembly systems. Learn more about us here: The portrait of a successful special machine manufacturer.



Our Corporate Culture


Our company goals

Our vision is defined and supported by our corporate goals. Innovation, fairness and trust, guide us in everything we do. Our primary goal is that our customers, employees and business partners are satisfied. We are in a leading position in each of our technical fields and with our machines on a global scale. We want to stabilize and further strengthen this market position. We strive to continuously improve our products and optimize product costs. We would like to pass on this added value to our customers and thus also contribute to your company's success.


Our corporate principles

Our mission is to provide high-precision and innovative product solutions in the fields of wheel assembly, tire testing and balancing technology to our customers worldwide and to support their value chains in a targeted manner.


Our mission statement


We are an innovative and competent partner for our customers and business partners. Our balancing, testing and assembly technology is successfully used by our customers in various industries and works with precision and reliability.



We are a value-oriented company in which our employees are the focus. The people who work for us make us a brand.


Long-term orientation und innovation

Our goal is to continuously increase the quality and competitiveness of the products we offer. Through our ideas and knowledge, we create sustainable growth for our customers and secure our future.

Development & Automation


Sustainable environmental and climate protection

The protection of the environment, resource efficiency and sustainability is of particular importance to us. This applies particularly to the development of our products, whose impact on the environment and climate is kept as low as possible.
By applying the HMAB environmental management system, we confirm that we treat our activities and our environment in the context of environmental protection. This includes compliance with legal requirements and other binding obligations as well as continuous improvement of the system.



Complications and recognized errors are opportunities for innovation and improvement. Error prevention has priority over error detection.

Quality Management



Our customers are our partners. We want to recognize future tasks of our customers at an early stage and meet their requirements and expectations with our products and services.



Equallity and tolerance

A culture of equal opportunities, mutual trust and respect is important to us. We promote equal opportunities and prevent discrimination. For us, all employees are equal.


Occupational safety and health protection

The safety and health of our employees is of particular importance to us. Regular instructions and training courses are held on occupational safety and fire protection. Each of our employees promotes safety and health protection in their working environment.


Data protection

The protection of personal data, especially of employees, customers and suppliers, is of particular importance to us. We only collect or process personal data if this is absolutely necessary or required to fulfill the respective work task. is required by law. No personal data may be collected or processed without the consent of the person concerned or legal permissibility.


Information security

We attach great importance to the security of your information. With the TISAX label we justify our adherence to the protection goals of information security.


Our principles of information security:

  • Confidentiality: Your data will be treated confidentially and only made accessible to authorized persons.

  • Integrity: We ensure the integrity of your information to ensure that it remains unchanged and accurate.

  • Availability: Your data is available to you at all times, without being affected by unauthorized access or failures.

Our History

Company History

More than 85 years experience

Hofmann was founded in 1931 as a balancing technology specialist and has developed into a globally active partner for balancing technology, tire testing technology and wheel assembly lines. Get to know our company history.

Our roots

Our roots go back to the year 1931. The first original Hofmann balancing machines were introduced to the market in 1934. Hofmann has been building tire uniformity measuring machines since 1971. This laid the foundation stone for today's highly successful tire testing machines.

The first wheel assembly lines were built in 1970 and were supplemented in 1977 by the first processor-supported wheel balancing machines from Hofmann. Since then, Hofmann has been producing fully automatic wheel and tire fitting machines for the automotive industry.

Our present

Hofmann has established itself as a flexible and dynamic medium-sized company. We convince our customers worldwide with precision and reliability. Highly qualified employees develop and produce balancing technology products, tire and wheel testing technology as well as assembly systems for tires and wheels for the automotive industry in Worms.

Business Segments

Our future

Whether Industry 4.0, expansion of networking or the introduction of predictive maintenance applications - the automotive industry and the tire industry hold exciting challenges for the future. Hofmann always adapts to the requirements of customers and markets. The expansion of developments in our machines and systems is of great importance. This is how we face tasks of the future. More information about Industry 4.0 - Digitalization can be found here.

Industry 4.0 - Digitalization