Siemens Mobile Panel Simatic HMI for smart operation of machines

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Our Hofmann machines and equipment are operated and controlled by means of a fixed panel that is permanently mounted on the machine. This has proven itself over many years. Nevertheless, our focus at all times is also on the innovative further development and optimization of our machines.

The further development of machine functionalities, the increase of efficiency or a facilitation of the application by the operators is of great concern to us. Therefore, we are in close contact with Siemens AG in order to test a more user friendly alternative for the system control. Siemens has provided us with a mobile panel as HMI for the operation of our Hofmann machines on loan, thank you very much!

The abbreviation HMI stands for Human Machine Interface and is the part of a machine with which humans interact and on which they can intervene. HMI is the user interface between man and machine.

The correct use of a Mobile Panel requires that the operator stays at a defined distance from the machine, so that it is always ensured that he can see the machine when controlling it.

The first tests with the Simatic HMI panel with our wheel matching machine were very successful. Our commissioning engineers are convinced of the smart alternative to the fixed panel on the machine. The Mobile Panel enables fast commissioning of the systems and also facilitates the project planning of the machine thanks to the innovative user interface.

We have also successfully tested our tire uniformity measuring machine with the Mobile Panel. Our programmers used the machine software via the panel and were enthusiastic about the possibilities of the Simatic HMI.

We are pleased that Siemens has made this test run for our Hofmann machines possible.

Many thanks for lending us the Simatic HMI Mobile Panel from Siemens.


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Tests with the Mobile Panel from Siemens
Tests with the Mobile Panel from Siemens
Tests with the Mobile Panel from Siemens