New development of a rim cleaning station

Worms - Germany


If our customers' search for a suitable machine is not crowned with success, we at Hofmann Maschinen- und Anlagenbau do not give up but develop a new machine for them. The new development of a machine is an interesting and challenging task, which our experienced team of engineers is happy to take on. Using the knowledge of mechanical engineering and automation together as a team and exchanging creative ideas, innovative machines are created.

The development team has developed the first fully automatic Hofmann  rim cleaning station, for cleaning the compensation track in the rim. The rim cleaning station is typically a part of our automatic wheel assembly line.

We are pleased that the first customer acceptance test of the machine has already been successfully completed and congratulate the colleagues of the development team for this great achievement. We are proud of them!

We are curious to see which innovative designs and ideas will be implemented by our development team in the future.


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Development team of the rim cleaning station