More than just a course of study - A practical experience report from our dual student Lara Welz

Worms - Germany


In our field report, Lara Welz tells us how her dual study program in International Technical Sales went. We asked her why she decided on a dual study program and why she chose Hofmann.


Why did you decide to do a dual study program?

The decision was easy for me because there are many advantages. You are part of the company right from the start and get to know working life, your colleagues and the company. This practical relevance was an important point for me. You get a piece of professional experience right away and have a foot in the door. That makes it easier to get started in working life. Another advantage is that there are smaller courses like at university and you can therefore receive more individual support at the university.


What made you decide on Hofmann?

Hofmann has the perfect company size for me. As a medium-sized company, it is familiar and people know each other. That's great! Due to the size, there is a clear division and you don't get lost in the structure. A big decision maker was also the interesting product. The high-quality machines and systems, which are worked out down to the smallest detail, are always exciting.


What did you particularly like about your practical phase?

That I was able to get to know all of Hofmann's departments, because that gave me a good overview of the processes and responsibilities in the company. A great side effect was that I was able to work directly with many colleagues and get to know them better.


What has been the most exciting thing about your studies so far?

In the 5th semester, there was a special project at the university. Together with other students, we were able to support an external partner with a real problem. In my case it was a project of the city of Karlsruhe. I worked with the event agency that organizes events, festivals and campaigns in the city. The great thing was that we recommended a course of action for the problem, which was actually implemented.


As part of your studies, you also planned a stay abroad. How was the time at our sister company Cemb S.p.A. in Italy for you?

The 7 weeks in Mandello del Lario were a very nice time. Hofmann and Cemb work together in many places, so it was interesting to get to know the other side for once. The different working methods of the companies became clear to me. Therefore, the stay helped me to better understand why we do some things the way we do. I was very well received by my host colleagues and had a lot of fun. In my free time, I took the opportunity to go snow skiing and get to know the surroundings.


Do you have any tips for prospective students?

In my mind, studying was more time-consuming and strenuous than it really was in the end. Therefore, I would recommend everyone to approach it with courage. Discipline in my studies is a must, but it can be done. There is no typical student life in a dual study program and the responsibility is greater than at the university. In return, you have high-quality training and a great start to your professional life in a short time.


What's next for you after graduation?

I have now found my target position in materials management at Hofmann and am very happy that I have been taken on. It was originally planned that I would find my place in sales. However, during my studies I was able to better assess my interests and strengths over time and decided to take a different path. I am pleased that I can now strengthen the purchasing team at Hofmann.


We would like to thank Lara for the great insight into her dual studies and wish her continued success!

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