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We want to grow together and constantly improve, so we listen carefully to our employees. If you ask your colleagues which topics are currently moving them, you often get a colorful bouquet of different answers and topics. These topics are particularly important for companies because they give you an idea of ​​how employees are doing at work. In addition, it reflects the image that employees have of their workplace.

In order to be able to better categorize the topics, we decided to carry out a survey on employee satisfaction.

The feedback and ideas helped us to get a good overview of the issues that concern our employees. Together we will tackle it and make Hofmann even better.

At the start, every employee received a seed bag with a plant pot. Because every strong tree was once a small plant and every great deed begins with a small, good thought.

Our future begins now - Hofmann moves! Grow with us!


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Plant pot - grow with us!