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Hofmann sub-contract balancing service – Balancing from Hofmann is versatile, accurate and reliable

From the smallest rotor with a few grams to large rotors weighing up to
4.5 t and measuring up to 5.5 m in length.
Whatever you need to balance and when the right balancing machine is simply not at hand.

Our sub-contract balancing service will do it for you!

Whether single parts or series – we have the right balancing machine in our Balancing Centre – horizontal and vertical – for:

  • Differential housings
  • Electric armatures
  • Blowers
  • Hydraulic parts
  • Crankshafts
  • Fan impellers
  • Pump rotors
  • Disc-type rotors
  • Roller-type rotors
  • Gear wheels
  • and much more besides…

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We are glad to help you!

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email: auswuchtservice [at]

PDFFlyer Sub-Contract Balancing Service