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Wheel Uniformity Measuring Machines

Hofmann wheel uniformity measuring machines
type RGM-RA - Quality control of passenger car tyres

The wheel uniformity measuring machines from Hofmann serve to check the uniformity of complete car wheels.


A comprehensive and fast quality statement is enabled by measuring the force fluctuations and static force reactions in radial and lateral direction on the rolling wheel under load.

As a result, quality grades are formed from all individual data according to customer specification which allow the overall assessment of a car wheel.

The RGM-RA is designed for automatic test operation.

The wheel uniformity measuring machine RGM-RA can be integrated into an automatic wheel assembly line for the quality testing of car wheels.

By extending the Hofmann RGM-RA with our Hofmann sheet-of-light laser geometry system GEO-SLS geometric variables such as radial and axial run-out can also be recorded and evaluated in the measurement run.

PDFTechnical Data Sheet RGM-RA

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