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Tyre Inflating Stations

Hofmann tyre inflating stations RFG-MU –
Inflating of passenger car tyres

The tyre inflating stations from Hofmann are designed for inflating the tyre with air, on steel or aluminium rims.


To accommodate a wide range of assemblies, up to four tyre sealing rings of different sizes are available which can be selected individually depending on the rim geometry and the tyre side wall.

The tyre inflating station can be offered in the following variants:

  • RFG-MU1:
with one tyre sealing ring and two possible inch sizes (e.g. 14‘‘ /15‘‘)
  • RFG-MU2:
with two tyre sealing rings and four possible inch sizes (e.g. 14‘‘ /17‘‘)
  • RFG-MU3:
with three tyre sealing rings and six possible inch sizes (e.g. 14‘‘ /19‘‘)
  • RFG-MU4:
with four tyre sealing rings and eight possible inch sizes (e.g. 14‘‘ /21‘‘)

With the wheel transported into the inflating station the wheel type selected on the operating panel and the corresponding inflation program are set. Optionally the wheel type can be selected by conveyor system control or barcode reader.

Sound protection is provided to reduce the noise.

The tyre inflating sation RFG-MU is typically a part of the fully automatic wheel assembly line and inflates the tyres automatically with the required air pressure.


PDFTechnical Data Sheet RFG-MU

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