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Tyre Uniformity Measuring Machines

Hofmann tyre uniformity measuring machines RGM-E –
Quality control in the tyre and automotive industry

The tyre uniformity measuring machines from Hofmann are designed for the in-production quality control of finished tyres.


The Hofmann tyre uniformity measuring machines are used for qualitative final inspections of the tyres in the tyre industry. The automotive industry conducts quality or incoming goods inspection with the tyre uniformity measuring machines.

A comprehensive and fast quality statement is enabled by measuring the force fluctuations and static force reactions in radial and lateral direction on the rolling tyre under load.

Simultaneously, geometric variables such as radial and axial runout deviations can be checked with the appropriate equipment on the machine.

As a result, quality grades are formed from all individual data which, statistically processed, allow the integral and fast overall assessment of a vehicle tyre.

Integrated into a transfer line, the tyre geometry measuring machine is designed for automatic test operation.


  • RGM-E:
for  passenger car tyres
  • RGM-SUV:
for SUV tyres
  • RGM-L:
for light truck tyres
  • RGM-G:
for tuck tyres
  • RGM-LT:
laboratory version for research and development

The tyre uniformity measuring machine RGM-E can also be incorporated into an automatic tyre classification system ATG-E/D for the quality testing of car tyres.

Optionally, every variant of the tyre uniformity measuring machine can be equipped with a Hofmann geometry measuring system GEO-SLS.


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