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Tyre Bead Compression Machines

Hofmann tyre bead compression machines WKM-B4 –
Fast, effective testing of the tyre bulge parameters

The stretching force of a tyre bead depending on the diameter is particularly important in the assembly and practical use of a wheel.

The new generation of the tyre bead compression machine WKM-B4 checks quickly and efficiently whether the bead parameters are within admissible limits.


Measuring rim segments:

A different set of rim segments must be used for every bead nominal diameter. Every set consists of eight rim segments. A calibration ring is provided for every diameter for setting the segments to the nominal diameter. The measuring rim segments are designed according to WDK-116.

Measuring stand:

The holder of the tyre bead detection machine simulates a rim half. Eight radially moving rim segments are expanded outwards to the specified limit synchronously by a hydraulically operated traction cone. The produced bead pressing force is measured by four 90° offset special DMS force sensors. The curve of the bead pressing force is displayed dependent on the diameter in the touch panel graphic monitor.
The rim segments are arranged so that easy loading and unloading of the tyre is ensured.


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