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Tyre Balancing Machines

Hofmann balancing machines ARS-25R2 –
Dynamic balancing of tyres in two levels

The automatic dynamic two plane balancing machine from Hofmann is designed for measuring the dynamic and static imbalance of inflated passenger car, light truck and SUV tyres.

The machine features split high-precision rims and an automatic 5 inch orifice width adjustment. The orifice width adjustment works automatically (test map-dependent) to ensure a high production volume.


The dynamic  Hofmann balancing machine ARS can be operated automatically with the options, soaping, infeed, marking and sorting. But it is also designed for manual loading.

The ARS with the Hofmann tyre uniformity measuring machine RGM-E can be linked to a tyre grading system ATG-E/D.

By extending the Hofmann ARS with our Hofmann sheet-of-light laser geometry measuring system GEO-SLS,  the machine is perfectly designed for testing tyres.

Static balancing machine EVD – Automatic balancing of the static imbalance

The Hofmann EVD can be offered at the customer's request. With a Hofmann tyre uniformity measuring machine RGM-E  the static balancing machine EVD can also be joined to a tyre grading system ATG-E/D


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