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Sheet-of-Light Laser Geometry Measuring Systems

Hofmann laser measuring systems GEO-SLS –
Excellent measuring results by non-contact sheet-of-light
laser sensors

Radial and axial runout are measured without contact.

Carriages with three sheet-of-light laser sensors are moved automatically onto the tyres.

Geometry measurement by Hofmann high-performance sheet-of-light laser sensors.

Fully automatic positioning of the sensors. The sensors are positioned individually for every tyre size to be tested. Positions are saved in the test map.


Determination of:

  • Radial runout (RR)
  • Axial runout (AR)
  • 1st to 10th harmonic RR (1st to 10th HRR)
  • 1st to 10th harmonic AR (1st to 10th HAR)
  • Tyre side fluctuations
  • Bulges
  • Constrictions

The measuring distance is approx. 40 mm.

The GEO-SLS laser measuring system from Hofmann has the following special technical features:

  • Non-contact sheet-of-light laser sensors
  • All components are reliable and easy to maintain
  • Excellent measuring results for all Hofmann tyre uniformity measuring machines RGM-E
  • Excellent measuring results for all Hofmann tyre balancing machines ARS
  • RRO sensor for the whole range from 400 mm (passenger car tyres) and 600 mm (light truck tyres)
  • Fully automatic engagement of the sensors.
  • Excellent and reliable measuring results independent of the rubber composition of the tyre.
  • Repetitive accuracy (standard deviation with inflated tyre): 0.05 mm

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