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Automatic balancing systems for differential cases

The balancing systems for differential cases of the CEMB - Hofmann Cooperation are available as 1 and 2-level (static/dynamic measuring) versions as well as in different configurations and degrees of automation.

From the semi-automatic right through to the 4-station system, each of these systems measures the imbalance, performs the mass correction by means of a milling unit in combination with a CNC indexing table and checks whether the tolerance has been achieved. In the fully automatic systems the differential casings are fed in and discharged by a revolving swivel transfer unit.

1-station balancing system type VEBK50/TO

The mass correction in two levels is performed by a 2-axis milling unit; a CNC indexing table is used to control the milling angle.

1-Stationen-Auswuchtanlage Typ VEBK50/TO

4-station balancing system type VEBK50/UO/TO-4ST

Station 1: Measuring stand
Station 2: Compensation top level by contour milling
Station 3: Compensation bottom level by contour milling and control run
Station 4: Part transfer

A 4 x 90° revolving swivel transfer unit allows simultaneous loading and unloading as well as part transport between the individual stations.

4-Stationen-Auswuchtanlage Typ VEBK50/UO/TO-4ST


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