Tire Grading Lines
Tire classification in one test system

The Hofmann tire grading lines, type ATG-E/D offer a complete quality inspection for car tires and motorcycle tires.


Leading concept

By interlinking individual machines and components, quality inspection and tire classification is made possible in one system. The ATG-E/D is thus a leading concept for testing numerous tire properties after the tire manufacturing process.


Determination of measurement results

All measurements required in the tire industry, such as the measurement of imbalance, geometry and tire uniformity can be combined in this modular system. The end-of-line test is a particular focus.


Individual component selection

The concept of our ATG-E/D also offers the possibility to consider and fulfil every customer requirement by individual selection of components.


Our standard tire grading lines consist of the following machines and components:


- Scales

- Soaping station

- Tire uniformity measuring machine

- Marker

- Tire balancing machine (static and dynamic)

- Tire geometry measuring device (Sheet-of-Light Laser System)

- Marker

- Sorter


To get a comprehensive impression of the dimension and innovation of our tire grading lines, we have created a short film for you.



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