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Wheel Matching Machine


The matching machine performs the matching process in a station, that means that the determination of the rotating angle and the matching process as such are carried out in the same station. Thus both control and requested correction can be carried out immediately.

The conveyor system (not included into the scope of supply) transports the complete wheels into the matching station. It is important to point out that the impeccable mounting of the tire on the rim is a premise for the process to follow. A tire which is not perfectly mounted on the rim leads to a machine stop.
A mismatch, that means that wheel and tire do not correspond to the type number, can damage the device.
The complete wheel is transported to the clamping device. The clamping device is lifted and takes over the wheel. A centring pin corrects the possible position deviations when leading it through the centre bore of the wheel. The clamping is done by spreading the segments of a clamping ring.
"Patented with EP 1 564 028 B1" Firma Schedl Automotive System Service GmbH & Co.KG

Operational sequence

Step 1


The wheels are arriving from the assembly station and are transferred into the matching machine. The wheel data transferred to the matching station PLC are responsible for the correct adjustment of the machine and the matching tools.  

Step 2  Infeed of the wheel into the matching station.
Step 3  Centring of the wheel by means of 4 centring rollers
Step 4  The adapter moves up to the clamping area of the rim and lifts also the tire  
Step 5  The adapter clamps the rim (pneumatically) in the rim centre bore  
Step 6 

The matching dots are now identified by a camera system and the angle between the dots calculated. The difference angle is transferred to the PLC of the matching machine.

Step 7

The upper module of the matching station is now moved by a drive into the pre-defined position. With that movement the tire is pressed together into the well of the rim to obtain a minimum friction between tire and rim.
Step 8  The adapter turns now the rim according to the pre-calculated angle when the tire is hold by the tire pressing unit. The positioning from dot to dot is done with an accuracy of 1°.
Step 9 

The upper and lower module of the matching machine is now moved into the origin position.  

Step 10      Now the camera system is checking whether the dots are at the same position or not.
Step 11 

When the test is OK the adapter unclamps the wheel and the wheel is automatically transferred into the next machine or station.  

Step 12 

If the dots are out of tolerance, the steps 7-10 will be repeated.

Step 13  next wheel

Scope of supply:

Mechanical components:

Group 0               Basic frame: 
  Frame system in stable form as welded construction fixed at floor
Group 1  Infeed: 

Infeed belt splitted, with gear drive
The belt in the frame system consists of 3 single components.
It is pneumatically lifted. 

Group 2  Centring device:
  Centring rollers vertically movable
  Pneumatic centring
  Force transmitted via toothed belt 
Group 3  Upper/lower module:
  Upper module in frame systems, CT servo drive, by belt connected to the spindle
  Tire down pressing unit in upper module integrated and adapted to rim design
  Tire down pressing unit adapted on a guiding system to be adjusted onto the different rim diameter CT servo drive
  Lower module in frame system, CT servo drive
  Tire down pressing unit adapted on a moving system
Group 4  Vario clamping mandrel:
  Clamping unit made of 12 segments.
Clamping mandrel, servo drive with gear unit for indexing the rim to the tire.
Pneumatic cylinder and pressure reductor

Clamping mandrel, servo drive for lifting and lowering 









Technical Data

Machine type


Cycle time sec 12
Conveying width mm 400  
Rim diameter inch 16"-22"
Rim width                     inch  3.5"-12" 
Pressing depth  mm  30-60 
Hump versions H2, EH2, EH2+, AH2   
Material alu and steel rims   
Tire diameter, max. mm 550-860 
Tire width, max. mm 135-325 
Low-section ratio % 25
Pecularity run-flat  



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